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Hoot! Chirp! Croak! The wild animals from Green Humour welcome you to a new meadow. Green Humour is a series of cartoons and comics on wildlife, ecology, conservation, sustainability, and all things green. After appearing in the print media for the last eleven years, Green Humour cartoons will now be delivered straight into your mail inbox, via Substack newsletters.

A Wild New Online Column

After both the print and social media have irreversibly degraded from years of pollution and oil spills, my remoras need newer, shorter routes to swim to straight their sharks, my readers. Through Substack, I will deliver my comics right into your inbox, eliminating algorithms and middlemen. The tidbits on your hides taste better that way!

All the cartoons and comics you’re used to reading on my website and social media accounts, will now move to Substack. Cartoons from two of my ongoing weekly columns (The Hindu and Roundglass Sustain) will be accessible to all Substack subscribers free of charge. A soon-to-be-launched weekly column of Green Humour comics, which will focus on ecology, conservation and environmental issues from around the world, will be published on Substack every Wednesday, exclusively for paid subscribers, who will also get exclusive online access to cartoons and comics from my forthcoming books and publications. I will also be sharing field notes, sketches, the process behind some of my published, ongoing and upcoming work, on Substack periodically. My social media accounts will still continue, to update followers about new merchandise, and the release of forthcoming print publications, commissions and projects.

Louise, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful symbiosis! See you in your inbox.

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Cartoons and comics on wildlife and nature conservation.


Green Humour

Cartoonist, illustrator and wildlife buff. Creator of Green Humour, India's first internationally syndicated comic strip. Columns with The Hindu, Roundglass, Gocomics.